måndag 9 april 2018

Dungeon Lifehacks: My tactical hex-board

Last session I finally got to try out an idea I've been thinking about for a long time. The idea is pretty straightforward. Tape together four A4-sheets of hexpaper (or squares for that matter if you're bent that way) and put a thick plexiglass-sheet on top. If you have access to A3 or A2-paper that would be even better. Then whenever it's time for battle you can just use whiteboard markers to outline walls and doors, later on I hope to get my hands on some props aswell to fill the rooms with aswell as put some paint on the monsters. And later later on, when I have my own hobbyroom and my kids are big enough to help me out, this might be an option. =)

It worked surprisingly well, using a more permanent marker than whiteboard works aswell but then you need a solvent to clean it after each battle is finished.

The battleboard in action! In the background there's a sheet for keeping track of armour and injuries that will be the subject of a future Dungeon Lifehacks-post

söndag 8 april 2018

Play Session 02, KotB 02: A visit to the Hobgoblin restaurant

After finally finding a date which most of my players could attend they set off for another delve, this time scheduled for a whole day instead of just a half like last time.

Boerge the Beef, Human Thug, 253 points
 - Sture the Stone, Human Guard, 62 points
 - Benny the Bee, Human Weapon Caddie, 62 points
Amore son of Casanova, Human Duelist, 250 points
Honest Ernst, Human Ranger, 253 points

First off, I took a moment or two to let Amore account for his actions during the week that had passed since the rest of the party last saw him (he missed the first session so I thought I'd give him a chance to present himself while the other two were occupied with spending the XP they recieved last session). While the rest of the group gathered some minor quests and rumours in town and then set off to scout the caves he basically set off on a path of seduction, starting off with the tavernkeepers daughter. When she agreed to take him on a walk and show him the keep surroundings he snubbed her to spend the night with a warrior woman named Steira that he met on the caravan. On the next day he finally met with the keep commander like Boerge had done the day before and among other things promised him not to touch his daughter. Then he went to the travellers inn to look for Steira again but got the attention of the stableboy Godrick who after some flirting took take him for a romantic ride on one of the stables horses outside the castle. Amore was careful not to take it further though for the time being and kept his distance to all of them until the party came back.

When they were back from the first delve a week of rest was sorely needed for Ernst though who had hurt his arm in a brawl with some rats, after a few days he also got down with the sewer rot which was swiftly cured by Father War who in turn he got sick and could not follow the party out on their second delve. They gathered a few more more bits of information about the Caves but not much they didn't already know. When they left the first time the rain was pouring down and they quickly decided to go back, rest another day (paying another $20 upkeep each) to see if the weather was better the next day, it was! They decided to use the same campsite as they had done the last time but when Ernst scouted it out he was spotted by a couple of undead that seemed to be guarding the place. Not wanting to take any risks or get into any unneccessary fights they decided to set up camp a bit further down the road instead.

The next day they walked for another few hours, camouflaged their wagon about an hours march from the Caves and set Sture to guard it and then walked the last hour. Ernst failed his Observation-roll and saw nothing out of the ordinary down the slopes of the old stripmine. Boerge critfailed his Strategy-roll which resulted in them running straight down the slope to get to one of the south side entrances. Ernst fell on the way down but didn't hurt himself, a few surprised gnolls at another entrance about twenty yards away growled and stared with beady eyes at them as they ran by.

Inside the entrance a cavern opened up with further openings in all directions. In the mud covering the floor at the entrance to the cave footprints of small, humansized and big humanoids could be seen. From the left opening there was steps carved out in a slope leading downward, the party started down but turned around when they heard noice coming from the middle one, they also heard a snoring, growling sound from down the steps similar to the ones in the owlbear cave. Back in the entrance cavern they met a group of goblins on patrol which they made short work of: Boerge smashed a face in with his flail, Ernst pierced the throat of another with an arrow, a third one hacked down by a flurry of blows from Amores shortswords. The rest of the goblins broke and started fleeing, one of them got shot in the leg but two were heard running down a flight of stairs further inside the middle cave. Now the party went back to the steps they'd started down before they were interrupted, on their way down a sour odour was spreading and when they had Ernst peeking inside the opening at the end of the steps the only thing he noticed was the contour of a sleeping bear beside piles of tattered cloths and animal bones. They decided to let that particular cave be for the time being and headed back up towards the entrance.

Goblinfight starts, cave entrance is to the left.

Instead of following the fleeing goblins they noticed a skull of a humanoid hanging from the wall in the third opening which proved to be a passage with additional skulls leading to a robust door without a lock. On the door was a message written in broken common: "Welcom! We woud lav to hav you for diner.". The group failed to read this as anything else than an invitation to a restaurant, possibly even giving away the food for free and ensthusiastically knocked on the door and a wierd conversation ensued (Disadvantages such as No Sense of Humor, Honesty, Gullibility and Overconfidence doesn't help in these kinds of situations).

Throught the door a dark voice asked in passable common:
 - "Ha many?"
 - "Four"
 - "Av' you booked reservations?"
 - "No..."
 - "Am sorry, we only av' room fer two at the moment, you other wait outside."
 - "Okay"
 - "Wa' name shall I put you on?"
 - "Boerge"
 - "Mkay, come in, ba only two o' ya, okay?!"

A bar was lifted on the other side of the door and it was unlocked and a large hobgoblin opened and let Boerge and Benny in and barred the door behind them. Around this moment Boerge and Benny finally realized that it might be a trap and told the bouncer politely that they wanted to leave again, he refused and told them to move on in to the cloakroom to get their weapons and armour checked in. When Boerge tried to force himself out he shouted "Guards!" and another two hobgoblins with crossbows pointed at Benny showed up from the "cloakroom". Benny convinced Boerge it was useless to resist and they started giving away their weapons while commenting on the bad service of the establishment. Meanwhile Amore and Ernst heard the commotion from the other side of the door and knocked again, the bouncer unbarred and unlocked the door, inched it open and asked what all the fuzz was about. They asked if they could at least see the menu while waiting but he told them to wait for their turn and slammed the door shut but forgetting to lock and bar it. Ernst took a peek inside and now realized that Boerge and Benny were being taken captive and decided to engage the bouncer that had turned back to face Boerge.

The bouncer was taken out quick with two consecutive bodkin arrows in the back from point blank range while a disarmed Boerge took a bolt straight through the hand of his shield arm, crippling it and continuing through the chainmail into his abdomen, ouch! Before he had time to fight back he took another blow to the same hand from a dogslicer while Amore ran straight through the pack and made short work of the other crossbowman (first his three hits barely made a scratch, then we realized he'd forgot to add bonus damage to his shortswords from Weapon Master which resulted in an unconscious hobgoblin instead). The guard with the dogslicer held his ground well for a good five turns using a shield and incredibly good active defence rolls to enable two guards behind him throw a few spears, none finding a target though. When his shield finally broke he was put down and the fight ended with the crossbowman who shot Boerge begging for mercy but recieved none, his face was duly slammed in by Boerges flail.

Boerge put his shield back on and recieved some quick treatment on his hand from Ernst, Benny had to use Serendipidy to find a used first aid kit in the room since noone in the party had brought one. After inspecting another closeby door (it was locked), they started discussing just taking what was on the guards (which wasn't much more than their weapons basically, they had a few gold coins though) and leaving, I was nice and informed Boerge about his Forced Entry-skill which he made instant use of, forcing the weak door open and finding the Hobgoblin Armory, all of a sudden there was more loot than they could carry in one go in the form of weapons and armour that seemed to be pretty much all human-made, the prize item being the commanders lost Plate Mail! Just as everyone had entered the armoury the inspect the goodies they heard shuffling from further down the corridor, they just managed to get into formation again before another two hobgoblins came at them, they almost immediately drove them back though and when Boerge gave chase he was met with a volley of bolts coming from another guard room at the end of the corridor which he just managed to dodge before diving back into the corridor for safety.

Corridor in the center, barricaded, The fallen bouncer lies by the entrance to the left.
The PC's stand in the armoury with hobgoblins on guard on the upper right side

After that it was late and they decided to barricade the corridor and carry with them as much and as valuable loot as they could carry. They managed to salvage a total of three crossbows, three chainmail shirts which seemed a bit special though noone knew exactly what it was (all the players insisted it was probably mithril), the plate mail and a couple of swords of different kinds. Nothing much happened on the way back except that they went through the forest instead of on the road for the first day and Ernst failed a navigation-roll which made them spend almost a whole extra day getting back. Outside of town they once again met the sickly elf begging and threw him the copper coins they hadn't bothered counting. Inside town they sold all the weapons and one of the chainmails to the armourer who couldn't see that there was anything special with it. Amore asked if any of the other two fit him and one of them did (he has pretty much the same frame as who they were made for so I let it fit him on a five or six on 1d). When the beggar-elf was shown the last chainmail his eyes filled with tears and he explained that it is elf-made and was worn by one of his lost elf-companions when they tried their luck at the caves a few weeks before. He asked if he could keep it and the party first hesitated but then gave in to his teardraped elf-eyes and gave it to him.

Even though they didn't manage to salvage more than maybe one fourth of everything in the armoury the loot was still much better than last time, earning all PC's present three points each and another one from exploring. I also rewarded another point to Ernst player for her roleplaying in getting past the hobgoblin entrance which was a bit wierd but great fun. MVP was also rewarded to Ernst player.

tisdag 3 april 2018

Post-session Report: Session 02

We had another session of delving the Caves of Chaos yesterday and it was pretty eventful. Among the things that happened was:

* We got to know what Amore had been up to while the party was away for the first delve and he was basically up to no good.

* On the way to the caves they found undead where their first campsite had been, ignoring the for the time being

* When they arrived they made lousy observation and strategy-rolls and just decided to run straight into a new cave-opening. Inside they met a troupe of goblins.

* They found another sleeping bear, this time letting it be.

* The made a visit to the Hobgoblin Restaurant, became a little displeased with the service so they decided to leave with the silverwear.

Rules checkups until next session:

* Slam and Knockback-rules

* Walking, striking and shooting through occupied hexes.

måndag 26 mars 2018

ACT: Mundane & Exotic Leather Armour

My first article in my series of Armour Customization Tables (ACT) begins with the kind of armour that any aspiring delver should look to for protection before she has looted her first dragon's hoard or troll's bounty and can look to more expensive gear: The Leather Armour. Mundane leather is the cheapest armour available and it is also usually available off the shelf unlike plate or mail armour which can take months to commission if your going for full body armour.
Example #1: Light Soft Leather Jerkin
DR 1 (0 vs pi, imp) Torso + arms to elbows (42%)
Cost $61, Wt 7,56lbs

Armour Types

Basically there are three types of armour:
Example #2: Medium Lamellar Leather Cuirass
DR 2 Chest + Abdomen (22%)
Cost $130, Wt 7,68 lbs
  • Soft Leather Skins: flexible cured but not hardened leather or fur, basically leather clothing. Has a DR penalty of -2 to pi and imp but flexible means it can be worn under or over other kinds of armour.
  • Hardened Leather: Cured leather skins handened and formed into plates. A little heavier than soft leather and isn't flexible but in return has no DR penalty. The hardening process makes it a little more expensive than soft leather aswell.
  • Leather Scale or Lamell: Hardened Leather punched into scales or lamells and then riveted or laced to itself or to a leather backing. Takes a lot more time to make than Hardened Leather due to all the riveting or lacing but results in a slightly tougher(Lesser Wt / DR) piece of armour.

Even to the weight of the end product differs, all three types of armour uses the same amount of raw materials which equals Wt of soft leather of the same DR and leather quality.

The making of all types of mundane and exotic leather except very fine exotic leather count as artistic work which means that Work Hours are halved as long as there are at least two leatherworkers present.

Leather Qualities

There are also three different qualities of leather:
Example #3: Fine Medium Hardened Leather Chestplate
DR 2 Chest + Abdomen (22%)
Cost $147, Wt 6,82 lbs
  • Mundane Leathers: Made from skins of Rabbit, Fox, Goat, Cow, Ox, Elk, Deer etc etc. Cheap and Regular quality armour made of mundane leathers is generally available off the shelves while an Apprentice (skill 9+) can make fine armour and a Journeyman (skill 12+) leatherworker will be able to make very fine quality. Price of cured mundane hides is $ 5 per lb.
  • Exotic Leathers: Extra tough hides from exotic animals like wyvern, dire wolf, owlbear, giant ape, frost snake etc, it's up to the GM to draw the line between what counts as regular or exotic. Exotic hides could also possess small bonuses like +1 poison resistance for wyvern skin or +1 DR against cold for frost snake etc. Exotic leather is generally not available in cheap quality due to the cost of the material. At least one kind of Regular quality exotic armour is usually available off the shelves  (GM’s decision what kind of exotic game there is to be found in the surroundings) while a Regular (skill 12+) leatherworker can make fine armour and a Master (skill 16+) leatherworker will be able to make very fine quality.Price of cured exotic hides varies around $ 20 per lb depending on availability of hides in the area.
  • Otherworldly Leathers: Skin or Scales of truly fantastic beings like demon skin, pegasus hide, astral tiger fur, mermaid scales, etc. On the high end we find hide and scale of dragons. These kinds of leathers always possess magical abilites on top of Damage Resistance (like DRx3 against fire for Dragonhide/scale). Otherworldly leathers will be elaborated in a later post.

Soft Leather Hide

Mundane Leather Exotic Leather

Bulk Protection Description Wt (lbs) Cost Wt (lbs) Cost Work (h) Work Qual
DR 1 Pelts from small animals or young medium sized ones 22,5 $ 96 16,9 - 52 Cheap
18,0 $ 146 13,5 $ 381 67 Regular
14,4 $ 278 10,8 $ 627 81 Fine
12,6 $ 560 9,5 $ 831 88 Very Fine
DR 2 Pelts from medium sized animals or large young ones 38,8 $ 262 29,1 - 90 Cheap
31,0 $ 328 23,3 $ 967 116 Regular
24,8 $ 540 18,6 $ 1 329 139 Fine
21,7 $ 1 019 16,3 $ 1 648 152 Very Fine
DR 3 Pelts from Large animals 55,0 $ 646 41,3 - 128 Cheap
44,0 $ 686 33,0 $ 2 252 164 Regular
35,2 $ 943 26,4 $ 2 590 197 Fine
30,8 $ 1 600 23,1 $ 2 955 215 Very Fine

Traits Basically clothes made of leather or fur. Can be worn under (or over) other kinds of armour. DR -2 vs pi, imp

Example #4: Fine Light Soft Leather Hood
DR 1 (0 vs pi, imp) Skull, Neck and Shoulders (16%)
Cost $44.5, Wt 2,3 lbs
Example #5: Heavy Soft Leather Jacket
DR 3 (1 vs imp, pi) Torso, Shoulder, Upper Arm (39%)
Cost $268 Wt 17,16lbs

Hardened Leather Armor

Mundane Leather Exotic Leather

Bulk Protection Description Wt (lbs) Cost Wt (lbs) Cost Work (h) Work Qual
Light DR 1 Pelts from small animals or young medium sized ones 28,1 $ 108 21,1 - 68 Cheap
22,5 $ 176 16,9 $ 443 88 Regular
18,0 $ 352 13,5 $ 775 105 Fine
15,8 $ 722 11,8 $ 1 046 115 Very Fine
Medium DR 2 Pelts from medium sized animals or large young ones 48,4 $ 282 36,3 - 118 Cheap
38,8 $ 381 29,1 $ 1 073 151 Regular
31,0 $ 667 23,3 $ 1 583 181 Fine
27,1 $ 1 297 20,3 $ 2 019 198 Very Fine
Heavy DR 3 Hardened Leather Sheets from Large animals 68,8 $ 676 51,6 - 167 Cheap
55,0 $ 761 41,3 $ 2 403 214 Regular
44,0 $ 1 123 33,0 $ 2 951 257 Fine
38,5 $ 1 995 28,9 $ 3 482 281 Very Fine

Traits Hardening makes this type a little heavier and more timeconsuming (and thereby more expensive) to make than Soft Armor but has no DR penalties

Example #6: Very Fine Heavy Exotic Hardened Leather Chestpiece
with Shoulderpads, Vambraces & Tassets
DR 3 Torso, Arms except elbows and top of hand (52%)
Cost $1.811, Wt 15.0 lbs

Example #7: Fine Furlined Heavy Hardened Leather Tassets
DR 4 (3 vs pi, imp) Pelvis, Waist (12%)
Cost $168, Wt 7.0lbs

Leather Scale

Mundane Leather Exotic Leather

Bulk Protection Description Wt (lbs) Cost Wt (lbs) Cost Work (h) Work Qual
Light DR 1 Soft Scale or
Lamellar Leather
25,3 $ 185 19,0 - 171 Cheap
20,3 $ 388 15,2 $ 866 229 Regular
16,2 $ 914 12,2 $ 1 900 293 Fine
14,2 $ 2 336 10,6 $ 3 198 384 Very Fine
Medium DR 2 Hardened Lamellar
Leather (Laced)
or Hardened
Scale (Rivetted)
43,6 $ 330 32,7 - 246 Cheap
34,9 $ 589 26,2 $ 1 410 315 Regular
27,9 $ 1 227 20,9 $ 2 640 378 Fine
24,4 $ 2 562 18,3 $ 3 633 413 Very Fine
Heavy DR 3 Scale or lamell
riveted or sewn
(brigandine) to
hardened leather armor
61,9 $ 485 46,4 - 279 Cheap
49,5 $ 807 37,1 $ 2 053 391 Regular
39,6 $ 1 517 29,7 $ 3 386 447 Fine
34,7 $ 2 970 26,0 $ 4 371 469 Very Fine

Traits Scrap leather can be used for
making scale lowers material cost.
Rivetting or lacing is very
timeconsuming but yields a
lighter armour compared to
sheets of hardened leather.

Example #8: Heavy Scale Cuirass
DR 3 Torso, Groin, part of shoulders (35%)
Cost $282, Wt 17.3lbs
Example #9: Fine Light Scale Sleeves
DR 1 Arms (18%)
Cost $165, Wt 2.92lbs

lördag 24 mars 2018

Play Session 01, KotB 01 - Arrival at the keep, some scouting and a lession in the value of surprise

Today we had our first session of our Dungeon Fantasy game. Three players were present:

Boerge the Beef, Human Thug, 250 points
Father War, Human Inquisitor, 250 points
Honest Ernst, Human Ranger, 250 points

Boerges two allies, one guard and one weapon caddie were also present but their character sheets had not yet been finalized so I ruled they were there and could help out with mundane things but not participate in actual fighting, the trade off being that they did not need any upkeep or share of the loot for this session.

First off I gave them a short background, explained a thing or two about the setting and the area surrounding the keep and the caves, had the players introduce themselves and then let them loose. The characters (along with the missing PC, Amore) had hitched a ride on the same caravan and decided during the course of the two week ride after weighing the pros and cons about sharing the loot contra strenght in numbers to band together and head for the Caves. First of they had to sleep one night in town to recover and gather some information about the dungeon.

When they arrived at the gates of town they were greeted by a sign saying "No Elves!". Luckily none of them were although Ernst still decided to camp outside of town. A wood elf sat outside the gates begging for money to make is trip back to his home village in a swamp to the north but was shrugged off, Börje threw him a ration of food but he was otherwise ignored.

Father War had sent a message preparing his arrival and he was duly greeted by the town Curate and invited to sleep at the Chapel guestroom. When asked about the sign outside the gate, the Curate explained that it was put up by the keep Commander, why he does not know but it was not a big deal since no elves lived permanently inside the walls of the keep and noone had much approval towards elves anyways. Boerge spent the rest of the day in the tavern, where he met an old miner that once worked in the strip mine that is now known as the Caves of Chaos. He told of evils contained within the rock, making curious miners go mad, come out of the mountain lethally ill or disappear without a trace.

Amore and Boerge were sent to the Commander the following morning (only Boerge went, Amore were nowhere to be seen) for a request to recover a custom made shining plate armour that was stolen off a caravan a couple of weeks ago.

After that they met up and decided to do some scouting and maybe go into one of the caves. Under perfect conditions the trip could be made in a day if you rush it but the party was in no rush. They followed the trade route east during the first day only meeting the occational riding guard and spotting a curious crow watching them from atop a firtree. They set up camp where the road split northward towards the caves. From there they had only a few hours of travel the next day to reach the caves. During the night Boerge heard loud snarling and growling noises and almost instantly decided to wake up the others and prepare for battle.

He made some noise waking up the others and when he was going out to meet the threat he saw four gnoll shadows approaching about twenty yards from the camp. He felled one instantly by throwing a mace straight on the knee while Father War was preparing to light things up with a Sunlight spell... which he critically failed! A beam of total blackness hit the earth where the sunlight spell was supposed to go which meant noone saw anyone else anymore. Ernst aimed his bow through the blackness toward where he last saw the enemy but the arrow appeared to miss. When Boerge ran around the blackness the next turn big darkpurplish worms had started to appear along the edges of the blackness and all gnolls except the one on the ground and one more had disappeared, their superstition getting the best of them. Two spears flew out from the woods a few yards further back  though, one hitting him on the side of his helm but without him taking any damage. He threw another mace and then went into close combat with his flail. He bashed the head in on the other gnoll with his first attack, supported by arrows and a sunbolt from the other PC's. Another volley of spears flew out of the forest before the gnolls decided to make a run for it. Boerge wanted to follow them but was convinced not to by his companions. Before the blackness faded a cloud of ravens flew out of it toward the night sky.

The next day they travelled the last bit and set up a new camp about a half hours travel from the caves while Ernst scouted ahead. He saw a watchtower on the far side of the small valley but no activity around it. One entrance straight below it had a number of different sized rocks and gravel outside of it, indicating that it is currently being excavated. On the near side he saw some tensed up hides and a fireplace down the slope and heard some faint snarling from that direction. The group decided to wait the night out, realizing that most of the caves inhabitants are probably night active, and head in at dawn the next day. Ernst made another scouting round and saw that indeed there were more activity during the night. The fireplace on the near side was lit up and a group of gnolls exited, the watchtower also had a lit fireplace beside it and there were light coming from another entrance further down the slope on the near side aswell as another entrance on the far side. One entrance on the far side was unlit during the night though, the PC's decided that must be the easy one and went for it after camouflaging the small cart they had brought along for the ride.

By the entrance they were hit by an awful stench and two out of three PC's started retching and the cleric had to Stop Spasm them before they could continue. Ernst also spotted what looked like bear tracks outside the cave. Once inside they found an alcove with an assortment of old bones and carcasses which they of course searched through without finding much more than a few coins. During their search they heard scratching noises both from inside small holes and crevices in the wall of the alcove aswell as from deeper inside the cave, Ernst could swear that the noise in the back of the cave was snoring though. Boerge prepared to run in and Ernst had to once again convince him to take a step back and let him sneak ahead first. Ernst confirmed that the noise was snoring when he spotted a sleeping owlbear in the next widening of the cave. They made some noice appoaching the owlbear but it failed to wake up and they had a chance to ambush it. It took them about seven turns to kill it though but it never really got to it's feet, but defending vigoriously, confused and surprised before it was felled, aiming for the head with a flail seemed to do the trick. After a quick search they found a nice bone-container containing a holy scroll but nothing else of value. When resting after the battle Ernst went ahead to search another alcove only to fail his perception-roll and in turn be ambushed by four giant rats!

The rats gnawed and clawed at Ernst, crippling one of his arms and hurting one of his legs before he had a chance to turn and run, only to collide with Boerge running into the entrance of the alcove and slam into the cave wall, hurting his hand in the process. Father War got a chance to try out his healing spells on Ernst while Boerge made short work of the rats who were unable to bite through the chainmail on his arms and legs.

After this battle we were short on time and wrapped up pretty quickly. The ranger with the crippled arm tried to skin the owlbear and made a pretty lousy work of it, then they had a short look in the last part of the cave, only to find a hole in the floor with water running down it's walls. Then I ruled they made it back to the keep without incidents. The group got a point each for exporation and another point just for the awesomeness of getting through their first session. The loot was pretty meager, they sold some gnoll spears and leather armor parts aswell as the scroll they found in the owlbear cave, it was enough for two people to get a point each and the third got MVP which equals three points each. They forgot to sell the owlbear hide but I don't think it would've been enough for another CP anyways. They will most likely do when we start the next session though.

fredag 23 mars 2018

Keep On The Borderlands - Background for the players

Here's a short background about the setting that I went through for the players before I let them loose in the Borderlands:

Rumors have reached the capital about trouble brewing around the kingdoms northern outpost, a hilltop keep aptly named "Northern Gate". Caravans on the trade route to the east of the keep have been raided, rangers hunting in the forest have spotted increased orc activity apart from the usual bands of gnoll and one or two farms have had their crops stolen and livestock abducted and found slaughtered. The source of the troubles has been pinpointed to an old stripmine that was used to mine the stone needed to build the keep decades ago.

The keep commander "Berand" at first insisted that everything was under control but after one group of city guards sent out to investigate disappeared and another group came back badly maimed without even reaching the site there were few people that enlisted willingly for the next trip. This forced the commander to suspend caravans going east from the keep, increase riding guard frequency along the trade route aswell as sending a formal request for aid to the kingdoms central administration. Meanwhile hunters returned with even more worrysome news: wierd chanting has been heard in the woods during the night, there has also been haunting displays of light on the night sky above the area of the strip mine indicating foul magic which mobilized the keeps clerics to send a similar message to the church central command.

Kingdom and Church officials responded warily, not willing to throw resources and manpower on an minor problem in a remote area of the kingdom. What they did though was to forward the request to the Adventurers Guild that whoever were willing to investigate the site and help the commander out was promised to keep anything valuable they might find and that they were also exempt from any and all of the commanders usual taxes for trading within the keep. They also enlisted a caravan to transport the first able men who signed up free of charge and sent with them a letter that would grant them one weeks free accomodation provided by the commander upon arrival signed with the kings sigil.

The PC's, lured by a number of different motivations, namely to investigate the evil chanting (cleric), to track an orc band who once raided his home village (knight), to help rural people in need (scout) or just to match his superior sword skill against real foes instead of dueling partners (swashbuckler) but mostly by the promise of loot aplenty they all passed the inital requirements set by the Adventure's Guild and got their spot on the caravan.

During the two week long trip from the heart of the kingdom to the borderlands the four PC's quickly realized they could make use of each others skills in the wilderness and decided to band together.

onsdag 21 mars 2018

GURPS Resources: Gnolls and Kobolds

As most people who try their luck GM'ing GURPS knows is that it can be really hard to find good resource-material so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you want a particular monster or NPC in your campaign. Some material can be found in different GURPS sourcebooks but it's usually in the form of "templates" or "lenses" for you to build your NPC around which can be really tedious for something that you only plan to be a fodder-fight or townsperson but you still want to have balanced and somewhat fleshed out characteristics.

The Gurps Repository is a good place to start if you just want a random monster. The entries are a bit varied in terms of quality but sometimes it's nice to just pull a monster straight of the web.

One site I found the other day is Michael Amos' Gurps Page that has some really thought through material on Gnolls and Kobolds in a format that I really appreciate, there's also a small dungeon writeup for each of the races. Since both races feature in the Caves of Chaos I think this is excellent material for someone playing that particular scenario with the GURPS or GURPS Dungeon Fantasy ruleset. I ended up using some Gnoll spear-throwers and Macemen straight away for a nightly random encounter which wasn't much trouble for the PC's, mostly due to these Gnolls being really supersticious and on the edge which I will get to in my Session Report that's coming up soon.